Pig Banquet


Pig Banquet will be March 28th, 2015!

Pig Banquet is a celebration of the founding of our great fraternity. This event gathers all of our actives and alumni to share in a meal and discuss the many great things that Theta Chi has brought to our lives.

   Chubs Evening
   Social at the house 11am
   Pig is served Noon
   Alumni meeting 1:30pm
   Social at Avalon 5pm
   Meal served 6pm

The Avalon is located at (613 1st Ave N, Fargo, ND 58102).

You can RSVP by using the PayPal system below, or you can print & complete the RSVP form below and mail it to

Theta Chi Alumni

PO Box 5767

Fargo, ND 58105

Please take the time to contact brothers from your era and encourage them to attend Pig Banquet and to update their contact information on the website.

Click Here to download the 2015 Pig Banquet Sign Up form!

You now have the option to RSVP quickly and easily using PayPal Below.


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Please also consider making a donation to the Theta Chi For Life fund. For more information on Theta Chi For Life, please visit our Donate page page.