Pig Banquet

 Pig Banquet 2019 will be Saturday, March 30th 2019!

Pig banquet has always been a time for brothers to reconnect and for us to celebrate our fraternity. Join us on March 29th  – 30th and continue the tradition.  A tentative plan for the weekend will be posted below. We have room blocks reserved at the following locations:

 Holiday Inn

3803 13th Ave S,

Fargo, ND 58103

Expressway Suites

4303 17th Ave S,

Fargo, ND 58103



1 – 4 pm         House tours at leisure

4 – 8pm         Social at Herd and Horns w/ Taco Bar

8:00 pm        Chub’s pub for “one”



10:00 am         House tours

12:00 pm        Pig Roast Lunch

2:00 pm           Alumni Meeting – Special Initiation Event – Century Theatre, NDSU Memorial Union

4:30 pm           Social @ the Avalon Event Center

6:30 pm           Banquet at Avalon Event Center,  Program

8:30 pm           Social Resumes

Please RSVP…

Please also consider making a donation to the PhiNow Centennial Campaign. For more information on the PhiNow campaign, please visit our Donate page.

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Here’s a list of who’s attending so far:

Rocky Bertsch

 Andrew Brown

 Al Christianson

 Bernie Dardis

 Stan Dardis

 Jason Gates

 Roger Gjellstad

 Robert Grant

 Roger Grant

 Duane Grippe

 Roger Gutschmidt

 Russ Handegard

 David Heinen

 Joseph Heruth

 Tyler Hill

 Dave Hynek

 Kyle Kemmet

 Curtis Lesmeister

 Kelly Linster

 Brett Loftesnes

 Cory Loveless

 Trent Maetzold

 Joshua Majeski

 Ryan McDonald

 Jeff McInnes

 David Miller

 Steven Miller

 Glenn Mueller

 Robert Neubauer

 John Nordgaard

 Leif Pearson

 John Reed

 Richard Ruud

 Stephen Schauer

 Clint Severance

 David Skjerven

 Michael Sprenger

 Robert Stein

 Robert Tavis

 Todd Tavis

 Bradley Tews

 Zachary Thelen

 Bradley Westrum

 Ronald Wilner

 Dale Wunderlich

 Everett Wurtz

 Jonathan Zimmerman

 Matt Zimmerman

Theta Chi - Brothers Gathered Outside House